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Why do thousands of daily law suit winners (creditors) need you?

No experience collecting judgments.
Creditor (Jill) has
No time to enforce judgments.
Creditor (Jill) has
debtor hiding money
Debtor (Jack)
assets/employer info

Who We Are

We are professional entrepreneurs that stop at nothing to reach success.

We have been running a successful judgment collection business based out of New York City since 2009.

We know exactly what it takes to be successful in the industry, and have all the tools and answers that it takes.

Since we run our own, why would we a sell fully built judgment collection business to you?

We have, and will continue to profit off of the fact that people do not know how to collect their court judgments on their own, but the beauty about this industry is that there is a never ending surplus of customers. Are you looking for a business opportunity? Judgment Business Incubator is a good business idea for you to consider.

The business is proven to work. If you’re serious, then so are we.

What You Get

We setup your entire infrastructure as if you have been open for years. Start your own business today!

  • Collections Software
  • Debt/Legal Documents
  • Marketing
  • Website
  • Corporation Formation
  • Training from Attorneys
  • Asset Investigation Techniques
  • Exclusive Asset Database Access
  • Office Setup
  • Licenses
  • Industry Contacts
  • Support

Our Team

Judgment enforcement specialists and attorneys.

Brought to you by the founder of a billion dollar online marketplace for judgments,

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Shawn Porat


"Within 30 days they built an entire company for me and all my startup costs (collection license, software, legal, company formation and more) were included. They gave me a 50 times better chance at being successful. Plus I can call/email them any time when I need help/have questions about my business. Can't put a price on the value of this program."

Peter H. – Long Island, NY

"Love what Shawn and Joe developed. After they setup my company and trained me, they asked me to come into another judgment asset investigation office (which they setup) for as long as I needed to learn how everything works from the business, operations, marketing and more. Great experience and happy to have the ongoing support."

Shandra W. – Albany, NY

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